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Coxreels EZ-P-W Series

Coxreels® P-W Series EZ-Coil® spring driven "Welding" hose reels are the ideal solution for managing oversized twin line welding hose. The P-W Series, like the P Series, is more compact in size and has the same reputation for long lasting performance. The SHW Series has a larger chassis and frame to handle longer lengths of welding hose and Coxreels® original Super Hub dual axle support system for improved performance during operation, less vibration and superior structural integrity.

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Low Pressure Models

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Model Lbs Hose I.D. O.D. Ft. PSI
EZ-P-W-125 46 Y 1/4" 1/2" 25 200
EZ-P-WL-125 39 N 1/4" 1/2" 25 200
EZ-P-WT-125 46 Y 1/4" 1/2" 25 200
EZ-P-WTL-125 39 N 1/4" 1/2" 25 200
Models with hose are for air or water service with a maximum temperature 150˚ F. Models less hose can be used for air, water or oil. Note: Do not exceed listed hose O.D. to obtain maximum length.

  • Professional grade heavy duty steel construction
  • Durable proprietary CPC™ powder coat finish
  • CNC robotically spun and ribbed discs with rolled edges provide strength, safety, and durability
  • Industry leading 2 year manufacturer's limited warranty
  • Made in the U.S.A. – Sold & Supported Worldwide
  • Two external fluid paths with machined from solid brass 90° full-flow NPT swivel inlets (Zinc plated steel swivels on HP models)
  • Swivel Seals: NITRILE
  • Compact two reel assembly for dual hose applications, each reel operates independently
  • Guide arm adjusts to wall, floor & overhead positions
  • Single expanded, 1/4" steel mounting base for increased stability & space efficiency
  • One mounting pattern allow 1/2 the installation time required to install 2 reels at one station
  • 1" solid steel axle & lubricated precision bearings for smooth rotation
  • Enclosed factory tuned & matched cartridge-style spring motor
  • Non-corrosive stainless steel spring, pawl & zinc plated ratchet
  • Multi-position lock ratchet mechanism secures hose at desired length


Manufacturing Plants
Maintenance, Repair & Operations
Welding / Service Trucks
Welding Shops
Garage Settings
Automotive & Fleet Maintenance
Mining, Construction & Railroad Operations

Dimensions for EZ-P-W Series EZ Coil Reels from Coxreels
Model W H L X Y M N
EZ-P-W-125 8-1/2" 18-5/8" 17" 6" 6" 4" 5"
EZ-P-WL-125 8-1/2" 18-5/8" 17" 6" 6" 4" 5"
EZ-P-WT-125 8-1/2" 18-5/8" 17" 6" 6" 4" 5"
EZ-P-WTL-125 8-1/2" 18-5/8" 17" 6" 6" 4" 5"

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