1125WCL Series

Coxreels 1125WCL Series

Coxreels® 1125WCL Series hand crank "Welding Cable" reels are ideal for grounding cable. Extend the life of your welding cable investment while saving time and effort, with the 1125WCL Series. All electrical components are set inside the drum offering a special narrow width. A stacking bracket is available to construct a lead/ground arrangement in one organized unit.

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Model Lbs Hose Ft. AMPS Gauge
1125WCL-12-C 38 N 600"-500"-400"-300" 450 AMP #2 - #1 - #1/0 - #2/0
1125WCL-6-C 45 N 300"-250"-200"-150" 450 AMP #2 - #1 - #1/0 - #2/0

  • Professional grade heavy duty steel construction.
  • Rolled edges & ribbed discs provide strength & safety.
  • Leading 2-year manufacturer's limited warranty.
  • Made in the U.S.A. - Sold & Supported Worldwide.
  • Drum-located slip ring assembly with easy to access removable panel for simple routine maintenance. No need to remove the reel from its mount.
  • Heavy duty CNC robotically spun and ribbed discs with rolled edges for greater strength, durability, hose protection, and operator safety.
  • Sturdy one piece, all CNC robotically welded 12 gauge steel "A" frame base, not bolted, for superior reel structure. Mounting pattern located in the steel base for easy reel installation and detachment.
  • Sturdy permanently lubricated and self-aligning pillow block bearings for smooth rotation and trouble-free operation.
  • Long-handled locking pin secures reel from rotation during storage or transportation.
  • long lasting, chip resistant and rust inhibiting CPC powder coat finish, adjustable tension brake prevents free wheeling and bevel geared crank.
  • Solid steel direct hand crank with smooth round handle.
  • Also available in motorized options.
  • Designed for electrode & grounding lead applications.
  • Narrow width for convenient installation in restricted spaces.
  • Permanently lubricated self-aligning pillow block bearings for trouble-free & smooth rotation.
  • Long-handled locking pin to secure reel from rotation during transport or storage.
  • Drum-located slip ring assembly for simple routine maintenance.
  • Electrical current runs through a 450 AMP rated slip ring.


Manufacturing Plants
Maintenance, Repair & Operations
Welding / Service Trucks
Welding Shops
Mining, Construction & Railroad Operations
Marine / Ship Building / Offshore

Dimensions for 1125WCL Series Spring Driven Reels from Coxreels
Model W H L M N X Y
1125WCL-12-C 24-3/4" 18-1/2" 17-1/2" 15-11/25" 10" 17-3/8" 15-3/8"
1125WCL-6-C 18-3/4" 18-1/2" 17-1/2" 9-11/25" 10" 11-3/8" 15-3/8"

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