112Y Series

Coxreels 112Y Series

Coxreels® 112Y Series hand crank hose reels are lightweight, compact, versatile reels to store and maintain your hose or cord. Save time and effort while increasing the safety of your work environment. The standard 112Y reels feature a sturdy "U" shaped frame and all steel construction make this one tough little reel. The 112Y-CM reels have a high quality one piece 1" steel tube frame structure. All listed models are supplied less hose or cord.

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Model Lbs Hose Ft. Gauge
112Y-12 20 N 150 - 225 8/3 - 10/3
112Y-4 10 N 40 - 75 - 150 - 300 8/3 - 10/3 - 12/3 - 16/3
112Y-8 14 N 80 - 135 - 300 8/3 - 10/3 - 12/3 - 16/3

  • Professional grade heavy duty steel construction.
  • Rolled edges & ribbed discs provide strength & safety.
  • Leading 2-year manufacturer's limited warranty.
  • Made in the U.S.A. - Sold & Supported Worldwide.
  • Solid one piece heavy gauge all steel U shaped frame. Professional grade, compact, lightweight and simple design.
  • Heavy duty CNC robotically spun and ribbed discs with rolled edges for greater strength, durability, hose protection and operator safety.
  • Design for no hassle hose wrap. Open port for easy pass through for any type of hose, cord or cable.
  • Tension brake adjusts the speed of the draw to your desired preference and prevents your reel from free wheeling during operation, transport or storage.
  • High quality steel construction provides superior strength and durability for heavy duty applications in commercial and industrial settings.
  • long lasting, chip resistant and rust inhibiting CPC powder coat finish, control bar to prevent hose, cord or cable from slipping off the disc, and direct hand crank for easy mechanical retraction.
  • Direct hand crank rewind.
  • Base has holes for temporary or permanent installation.
  • (On 112Y-CM only) Control bar prevents hose, cord or cable from slipping off the discs.
  • Professional grade, compact & lightweight hand crank reels to store & maintain hose, cord, cable, wire, rope, tape, chain & more.
  • Open drum design for no hassle hose wrap.
  • Open port for easy pass through for any type of hose, cord or cable.
  • Hose, cord or cable not included.


Hose, Cord & Cable Storage
Residential / Commercial / Industrial Use
Mobile or Stationary Units

Dimensions for 112Y Series Hand Crank Reels from Coxreels
Model W H L M N X Y
112Y-12 20-1/2" 13-13/100" 12" 10" 3" 14" 6"
112Y-4 12-1/4" 13-13/100" 12" 4" 3" 6" 6"
112Y-8 15-3/4" 13-13/100" 12" 5-1/2" 3" 9-1/2" 6"

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